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Harry W. "Chip" Holland

9009 N FM 620 Apt 1702 Austin TX
Home: (919) 846-9511 Mobile:(919) 539-8963

Enterprise Software Engineering


I have 19 years of commercial software development experience and 3 years of general hardware and software consulting prior to that. Products I have shipped include shrink-wrap desktop software, medical device software, client-server, and five SaaS products, one with 5 million hits per day and another with 6+ million users.

I've done full life-cycle development - designing my own systems while keeping the business needs in mind, and then implementing them. Afterwards, I've trained other employees and customers, and acted as 2nd & 3rd level support for them. I have a proven record in developing software that fulfills the desires of the user community, solving problems, and passing my knowledge onto others.

Work Experience

Farm Credit Bank of Texas.Austin TX
February 2013 - present
via Technology Navigators
Senior Software Developer
I was brought on board to supplement the existing staff and help them catch up on their backlog. While there, I have assisted them in their transition from waterfall to Agile development practices. Each project I have worked on was brought up to modern development standards, with upgrades to the latest compiler/IDE, adding unit/integration tests, and making code quality improvements. I worked closely with the business and the DBA groups to ensure that the projects conformed to SOX rules.

Tools used include Visual Studio (all versions), Resharper, Team Foundation Server, SQL Server (several versions, both database + reporting), IBM DB/2 for iSeries. C#, WCF, and Web Services.

Affiniscape Austin TX
October 2010 - January 2013
Senior Software Developer
Affiniscape (now Your Membership) assists associations with managing their memberships, conferences, and affiliate-based job placement. The three SaaS products offered services to over 2400 association partners world-wide, with over 6 million members, running on a fully load-balanced system with replicated databases. The CareerCenter product posted over 41,000 jobs in 2012, with triple-digit growth year over year. Credit card transactions in excess of $115 million were processed for the products during 2012. Affiniscape is PCI compliant.

Working with multiple Scrum teams in both the US and Ukraine, we were able to accelerate the deployment of new features, delivering regular improvements and solving many existing customer issues. Daily stand-ups, backlog grooming sessions and retrospectives gave us a focus on continual improvement and created a learning organization.

Tools used include VS.NET 2010 (C#), SQL Server 2008 R2 (database + reporting), MySQL, WiX, Office Open XML, NHibernate, WCF, WebServices, and Cold Fusion.

Wachovia National Bank, Wells Fargo & Company. Charlotte NC and Austin TX
February 2009 - October 2010
via Apex Systems Inc
Senior Web Software Developer
I was a member of the team which was responsible for the AtWork internal workflow product that is used by Network Security department staff to maintain the bank's 1400+ network security devices (firewalls, intrusion detection systems, policy enforcement, server anti-virus, etc.) This product is used by approximately 150 computer security professionals and a large number of general users and management from both Wachovia and Wells Fargo to request work from the network security staff. AtWork was selected as the go-forward solution of the merged bank, replacing Wells Fargo's previous management system. With AtWork, time to implement a firewall policy change has been cut in half, with further improvements expected as the product becomes more widely adopted within Wells Fargo.

I added major functionality for the bank's Internet Content Filtering team. Their previous system was PDF file-based and did not permit searching inside earlier opened tickets. The new system tracks about 400 requests a month for exceptions to be made to the content filters, and keeps all involved people (corporate legal and network capacity departments, the requester and their manager) up to date with changes as the request moves through one of several workflows.

I also participated in a major rewrite of network security request workflows, streamlining the process for the 5 teams that are heavy users of AtWork. With the merger, optimizing the user experience became critical to ensure end-user acceptance within Wells Fargo, so I spent a lot of time ensuring visual appeal and operational consistency. This significant change with major new functionality went in on time with few reported problems.

With each release I have added substantial technical improvements, worked towards having a clean compile, and making the product more maintainable to reduce whole lifecycle costs. Tools used include Visual Studio 2008, Resharper, Team Foundation Server, and SQL Server 2005.

Hill-Rom IT Solutions, Inc. Cary NC
2005 - May 2008
Also via Summit IT Services and Vaco Technology
Principal Engineer and Team Lead
Senior Software Developer
I mentored Hill-Rom developers in their transition from a waterfall process to a more Agile process using the Scrum methodology, resulting in increased development transparency to the business. I assisted them in the replacement of their obsolete J++ product with a modern C# enterprise system, using modern best-practice development methodologies (test-driven development and nightly automated builds).

I was a Scrum Master and Team Lead on Navicare Patient Safety, a FDA Class-II regulated medical device. Building on top of an existing distributed in-memory database cache, our development followed FDA mandated traceability from UML analysis through design, and into implementation. I later led the team that successfully completed the ASP.NET based configuration tool for Navicare Patient Safety, bringing its development back in-house after a failed outsourcing attempt.

For the refresh of the Hill-Rom Navicare Nurse Call product, I was a major contributor to the architecture and system design. The new system uses Linux and Mono running on custom hardware (networked touch-screen displays) communicating with servers running Microsoft .NET 3.0 using Windows Communications Foundation. This gave the product much-needed deployment flexibility, as we did not entirely control the network. In addition, I was responsible for the code that communicates with a wireless phone system (Ascom) that was used for notifying nurses of critical patient safety information when they weren't actually in the room.

I set implementation patterns for data access and WCF services that the rest of the team followed. Developers on the project were responsible for writing their own table-valued functions, stored procedures, tables, etc. for the SQL Server 2005 database. The product, from database on up, was built nightly and on check-in, using Cruise-Control.NET. Deployment was via the open-source installer WiX.

Peopleclick, Inc. Raleigh NC
2001-January, 2005
Team Lead & Senior Software Engineer, Data Exchange System
I was responsible for writing and managing the subsystem of the Peopleclick RMS (Recruiting Management System) product that allowed clients to import and export their data on a scheduled (batch) and ad-hoc (transactional) basis, using XML in both proprietary and industry-standard formats.

I supervised a team of 3 other developers to ensure their code met the standards and needs of the company and its clients. Our code transferred over 500 megabytes of XML nightly for Peopleclick's over 150 Fortune 500 clients. The XML data and all underlying code supported UTF-8 Unicode, which allowed Peopleclick's clients to recruit talent on a worldwide basis. Clustered database used was SQL Server 2000. Additional technologies used: MSMQ, VB6, and COM+.

MediClick, Inc. Raleigh NC
Software Developer/Project Manager
I was responsible for parts of two products:
  • AX/Ware which was a 3rd party conversion and run-time system that allowed MediClick to run an existing OS/400 application on top of Windows NT using Oracle 8.0 as the database. I wrote several value-added modules for the server (NT Service) and client (OCX). I was also responsible for all installations and the training of customers and support staff.
  • ProClick which was a healthcare materials management system. I was responsible for selection and installation of the hardware and software in the datacenter. This application was rented as an application-service provider to small to medium sized hospitals across the US. I also coordinated the use of the system by QA and beta customers.
NOTE: MediClick was spun off from Global Software in early 2000.

Global Software, Inc. Raleigh NC
Software Developer
Wrote, improved, and supported four commercial Windows client-server products:
  • Information Analyst - a product that customers used to manage their General Ledger. It provided extensive reporting and charting abilities.
  • Spreadsheet Server - Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 add-ins that allowed customers to embed General Ledger information into their spreadsheets from their AS/400 systems. They could refresh with live data by just pressing the re-calc key. It delighted the customers, and has become the basis for several other successful related products for the company.
  • PayMaster - Very similar to Information Analyst, but for the Accounts Payable system.
  • Credit Manager - Again, similar to Information Analyst, but customers used this to manage their Accounts Receivable.
In these applications, I wrote all network access routines (initially APPC, but later TCP/IP), much of the user interface, the printing and charting routines, and all setup and installation scripts. In the early days of the products, I also trained end-users.

Computer Task Group, Inc. Charlotte NC
Performed a variety of tasks for customers, which included:
  • Developed an employee education benefit tracking system for the Harris Teeter grocery store chain.
  • Network software installation across the state of Tennessee for First Tennessee National Bank.
  • Developed a client-server mainframe security integration system for NationsBank Financial Services.

U.S. Air Force and Reserve Hahn AB, Germany; McClellan AFB, California; Columbus AFB, Mississippi; Shaw AFB, South Carolina.
Repaired telecommunications equipment. Held Top-Secret, SCI, CNWDI, Code-Word, NATO, and SIOP clearances (now expired).

Education and Training

Winthrop University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, with a minor in Business Administration. Winthrop is ACM and CSAB/ABET accredited.

Microsoft Internet Information Server, Oracle 8 DBA, Windows Communications Foundation

I have an MSDN subscription.