About Chip Holland.

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I've been writing software since high school, on my trusty Apple ][+

These days I specialize in Microsoft .Net, in either C# or VB.NET as needed. Usually for regulated industries - typically banking and healthcare. But I've worked in other areas too, like Human Resouces and Association Management.

I've worked in many of the major high-tech areas in the South, including Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Austin Texas. I'm not a job-hopper, but I appreciate being able to move to a new town and gain some new experiences with new people.

I've worked with some really interesting people over the years, from a 3-week period with someone who turned out to be featured on Unsolved Mysteries, to people who went on to become managers at Google. I believe that the more diverse a workforce, in skills and life experiences as well as the more common meaning, the better a company can respond to a changing market and be an engaging place to work.